Eco-Friendly Products
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GrowMate Lawn

GrowMate Lawn is an organic-mineral blend that accelerates and stimulates root and leaf growth. Helps repair damage caused by heat, drought and misuse of fertilizer

GrowMate Plant

GrowMate Plant is an organic growth regulator based on fulvic acids that enhances the foliar absorption and mobility of nutrients for the plant to obtain the largest possible growth and nutrient uptake.


GrowMate Soil is an organic soil enhancer rich in humic acids that optimizes the use of fertilizers. It improves water retention for root growth, plant development and helps maintain stable soil temperatures during cold spells or heat waves.

GrowMate Compost Boost

GrowMate Compost Boost is a blend of Humic Acids and other organic substances designed to promote rapid bacteria growth in all types of composting vessels and containers