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The first choice for hydrocarbon bio-remediation
RemediAde™ is a highly-effective and eco-friendly, all natural and organic (non-chemical) solution that rapidly bio-remediates hydrocarbons in soil and water. RemediAde™ is easily applied to contaminate land and water in the event of spills or leaks and other hydrocarbons.

RemediAde™ effectiveness
Depending on the weight and amount of reining, RemediAde™ cleans up gasoline and diesel in 5-7 days, unprocessed crude oil in 2-3 weeks and refined oil in 2-3 weeks. In most cases, a near total breakdown of the oil is seen by day seven.

RemediAde™ Hydrocarbon Clean Up Clients
This is just a sample of the hydrocarbon clean up cases. RemediAde™ has successfully cleaned up hundreds of oil and other hydrocarbon spills over the past 20 years. The scope and scale specifics differ from case to case, but effectiveness of RemediAde™ is highly consistent. For 20 years, RemediAde™ has performed exceptionally for clients.

- Used for hydrocarbon spills
- Used for oil leaks and spills
- Used on land and coastal areas
- Client since 2006

- Lead oil spill response product used in overflows, leaks and post storm clean up requirements
- Cleaned up crude oil spills
- Cleaned up hydrocarbon spills
- Remediated multiple site locations
- Client Since 1990

- Oil spill clean up
- Pipeline break clean up
- Used for spill clean up in Texas
- Client Since 2008

- Used for hydrocarbon spills
- Used for saltwater spill
- Used for oil tank overflow spills
- Multiple clean up in Matagorda County, Texas
- Client Since 2002

- Cleaned up hydrocarbons, diesel and chlorinated hydrocarbons
- Site clean up exceded 10,000 cubic yards
- Reduced 75,000 TPH to <100 TPH
- Client Since 2000
History of RemediAde™
RemediAde™ has been used by the oilfield, chemical and manufacturing industries for over 20 years. RemediAde™ is cost effective and has been used in hundreds of hydrocarbon and salt water spill clean-ups in oilfield ops and at chemical plant facilities. RemediAde™ is a blend of plant extracts and other organic substances designed to promote rapid insitu bacteria growth for bio-remediation of hydrocarbons. The unique production process of RemediAde™ contributes to the rapid growth of bacteria that effectively assists in the bio-remediation of hydrocarbons.

RemediAde™ Application
The application rate of RemediAde™ is determined by the amount of area to be treated, the level of contamination and TPH and results to be achieved. In low gravity oil spills, and additional surfactant is added to help bacteria to move through the oil spill more readily. On water, the application process is customized base on water type, gravity of the spill fluids and specific spill factors. Instructions are attached to the product containers.

Project Management Using RemediAde™
GrowMate Intl LLC offers remediation project design and technical support services to the end-user client and/or engineering consulting firms involved in the clean up process. Additionally, infield support services and turnkey project management is now available on-site for free. The project consulting and labor service offered by GrowMate is intended to aid the end user with the application of RemediAde™ in the most effective and efficient manner. Examples include: training field crews on proper remediation techniques, overseeing difficult applica-tions and technical consulting based on operating conditions of the site being remediated.

RemediAde™ successfully remediates
  • Pipeline breaks and spills
  • Storage tank overflows
  • Oil contamination cleanup in marshlands and beaches
  • Soil remediation at and around tank farms
  • Wellhead clean ups
  • Hydrocarbon dump yard soil remediation
  • Refinery clean ups
  • Creosote contamination